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Performance Dyno Tuning

Performance Dyno Tuning

Your bike cannot be tuned correctly without all the right tools and experience; our experience at Chopper Zoo has shown that our Dyno is the most important tool in our shop. It allows us to test our work, make changes and verify proven results to you. With the integrated gas analysis capability, we will bring your carburated or fuel-injected engine to peak performance. We ensure quality control by performing everything in-house. Our dynamometer ensures results that you not only can see, but feel, on the road in terms of smoothness, fuel economy and power delivery. At Chopper Zoo you will get a comprehensive analysis of your engine’s performance including dyno runs to measure horsepower, torque and your air/fuel mixture. Most motorcycle engines are adjusted from the factory to pass strict emission laws, therefore not performing at optimal levels. At Chopper Zoo we will identify areas of performance loss, tune motorcycles to achieve maximum horsepower from stock components, measure the results of adding performance components and adjusting carburetion and fuel injection to peak your engine’s performance and fuel efficiency.

Chopper Zoo Dyno Tuning Center will:

  • Check your carb jetting and adjust if your engine is running too rich or too lean
  • Check your timing
  • Fuel injection tuning with tuning link technology
  • Establish the exhaust performance of your motorcycle
  • Identify horsepower and torque at 100 rpm intervals
  • Recommend products to improve your bike’s performance

Whether your bike is a V-Twin, European or Metric we've got the edge for you, please visit South Florida's premiere dyno tuning center at:

Chopper Zoo
2416 S Andrews Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
Phone: (954) 467-9909
Fax: (954) 467-5010
Toll Free Phone: 877-225-2525

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